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Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 Rework Station
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Bauer BGA IR Pro SCC V4 BGA Reworking Station Made Exclusively by the BGA store Ltd

with free worldwide shipping*






Note : there are only 4 agents worldwide authorised to sell this system

any other agents will not be offering genuine Bauer BGA Stations

Bauer BGA will only honour warranties on genuine machines bought

Please check the official Bauer website for news on Official Agents, bauerbga.com 


The IR PRO SCC V4 features a unique new 2 in 1 top heat

system where the user can easily change between IR & Hot air
featuring a 500 watt Dark IR and 800 watt Hot Air system
simply use the mechanism to use the desired system

Featuring a large 400mm x 300mm pre heating area
the SCC can accomodate almost anything you throw at it
The plates are high powered 4 x 500 watt high quality ceramic
plates that give even heat within -+2c

The station also features triple monitoring system with x 3 HQ
K - Type thermocouples independently monitoring the temp
around the chip on the fly, for more consistent reworking

The IR PRO SCC V4 features a com port for software control
with a laptop or pc, the system runs on any version of windows
the user can select from many built in profiles for ease of use


The IR PRO SCC V4.0 has many features over its rivals in china
as expected with a product thats designed and engineered in the U.K

its build quality is a class above its similar priced rivals

Laser alignment system for accurate heat placement

Bauer Soft, the software with a profile sharing database built in

Smooth sturdy Board support built into the station

featuring 2 x flexible high brite L.E.D lamps

Vaccum suctiuon pen built into the station

Improved software control with Bauer soft

K-Type thermocouple inputs

Super flow cooling system















Bauer Soft V3.4 now with integrated profile center , download new profiles to your machine in a few clicks


Exclusive Worldwide supplier, Bauer BGA machines are designed by the BGA store Ltd




           What we like about this machine


  • Computer Interface for reflow / reballing profiles

  • Interchangable Top Heads 2 in 1 system IR + Hot Air

  • Dark IR 400W top heating

  • Can reflow / reball chip size up to 65 x 65 (certainly large enough to do both PS3 and 360 chips and all laptop chips)

  • Bottom preheater size of 260 x 245 (very good, as the T-8280 is ~ 250 x 260 and works great)

  • Internalized pcb fixture rail for added pcb support and stability

  • Has forced air cooling

  • This machine reflows playstation 3 Chips with ease and much faster than IR PRO SC

  • Bauer Soft V3.4 Features Downloadable profiles via the profile sharing center



           The negatives


         -220V only...going to need a dedicated 220 line run to the shop ( converters availible to solve this )





Dummy proof guides to use setting up your machine


Dead boards are good to find the sweet spot of the top heater, Start a few test runs on non value pcb`s
Use another 1 or 2 temperature sensors, position them around the bga chip to find the sweet spot

Make sure you always coat the end of the thermocouple with flux for a good accurate reading

Make sure if working with consoles you always secure them down with a pcb support to stop warping

You can always call or email us if you are still struggling after using your machine

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